Office of the mediator BISKUPIČ & CO. provides a mediaton service for a particular industry or area of law in English, Slovak, German, Hungary and Czech language. Our team consists of profesionals in mediation, negotiation, law, psychology and crime prevention.

Our office is able to resolve disputes under civil, family, commercial and labour law. It is also possible to resolve cross-border disputes under equivalent legal relations, with the exception of the rights and obligations of which the parties may not dispose under the law governing such a legal relation.


Mediator is a neutral and unpartial third party. Mediator helps disputants come to consensus on their own and work with the conflicting sides to explore the underlying interests beneath their position.

Mediation is a paid service. The fee for the mediator is set on an individual basis and is usually based on an hourly rate or a flat fee.

Mechanisms of Mediation are described in Act No 420/2004 on mediation and amending certain laws, as amended. Act applies to conflicts in relationships governed by civil law, family law (divorce, separate, parenting agreement), commercial law and labour law.

Mediation in Slovakia is an informal, voluntary and confidential procedure for resolving conflicts out of court by using a mediator. The aim of mediation is to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

The agreement resulting from the mediation procedure must be set down in writing. It applies primarily to the parties involved in the agreement and is binding on them. On the basis of the agreement, the entitled party may apply for judicial enforcement of the decision or for distraint, providing that the agreement is:

a) drawn up in the form of a notarial act;

b) endorsed as conciliation in court by an arbitral body.

If no mediation agreement is reached, the matter can be pursued in court.

The Slovak mediators‘ database is owned and maintained by the Slovak Ministry of Justice.

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