BISKUPIČ & CO., mediation office

Bratislava, Slovakia


Our mediation office is based in Bratislava (Slovak Republic) and specializes in out-of-court dispute resolution through mediation in civil disputes, commercial disputes, family disputes, and disputes related to collective bargaining.


Our mediation team consists of professionals in mediation, negotiation, law, psychology, and crime prevention.

Mediation services


Mechanisms of Mediation are described in Act No 420/2004 on mediation and amending certain laws, as amended. The act applies to conflicts in relationships governed by civil law, family law (divorce, separate, parenting agreement), commercial law, and labour law.


Mediation in Slovakia is an informal, voluntary, and confidential procedure for resolving conflicts out-of-court with the help of a mediator. Mediation aims to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.


Mediation means negotiations between the parties to the dispute with the help of an impartial and independent Mediator who creates suitable conditions for their mutual communication and a friendly solution, taking into account their interests.


With the consent of all parties to the dispute, the Mediator can actively assist in finding specific solutions, including providing suggestions for a possible solution to the dispute. Such suggestions and recommendations shall not be binding on the parties to the dispute.


The agreement resulting from the mediation has the written form and is binding on the persons involved in the mediation. Based on an agreement resulting from mediation, the entitled person may file a proposal for judicial enforcement of the decision or a proposal for execution if Agreement resulting from the mediation is written in the form of a notarial record or approved as a settlement before a court or an arbitration body under the conditions laid down in special regulations.


If no mediation agreement is reached, the matter can be pursued in court.


The Slovak official database of mediators is maintained by the Slovak Ministry of Justice.